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Softball was fun. I strained the front of my right thigh and the back of my left thigh on my first at bat. I made it to base at least. I did manage to hit the ball every time. Thanks to Bill for the advice. It helped for sure on at least one occasion. I played third base this time, but I messed up a couple plays. Lucky for me the short stop backed me up and we recovered. The game ended up at 18 to 8 or so. I got an out once, got out once, and scored once.

The time they got me out was on second base. I had over run it by a step and turned around and re-applied my foot to the bag just before the second baseman tagged me on the shoulder. The ump thought he got me first, but it was a bad call. S'ok, we still won.

My hits were all in-field type of hits and as a result I had to hustle to get to first base. As a result my legs are wiped out. When I stood up to get out of the car I could barely do it. My thighs are totally locked up, cramped, and strained. Specifically, my left and right Sartorius muscles are really bad and my left Biceps(long head) and Semi-Tendinosus are quite sore, but not as bad as the Sartorius.

I was surprised how much warming up helps my aim and power. My first couple throws were way off target and at the wrong power. After 10 or so, I was right on and with power.

I'm beginning to suspect that two of the airwomen that attend the games are 'close' friends. They don't do anything that would get them in trouble at the game, but its just how they interact, how close they sit together, etc. Maybe they work the same crew and are just good teammates. Right!

I need to get a vacation schedule from my Star Wars people so I know when I can expect delays in responding to my emails. I know Colleen is off somewhere, but I have no way of knowing if my emails to Justin or Matt just got lost or if something is wrong or if they are just on vacation for a week.

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