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Work was a blow out today. We had free food, which thanks to Phil, I was properly trained to handle. So, off to the terminal room I go, muffin and carrot cake in hand. There I arrive to find out that the network appliance is down and I can't access my home account. They are attempting to fix it and will be re-booting the machines often. Okay, work on the mission system. Well, contains lots and lots of bugs. Every run they've done has core dumped. *sigh* We have an off-line duplicate of the code, but it hasn't been updated since the build.

Fast Forward 5 hours. The appliance is up, but something is wrong accessing the view servers. Still no code. I must be going into withdrawl by now.

All of the mission drives seem to be at 96+ percent. We attempted to run some scripts which clean them up and zip them and save them away. The scripts all make use of the other drives for storage of the zipped files while the process runs. Well, as I said, ALL of the drives were pretty full, so the script kept failing. I had to go in by hand and zip up small pieces at a time so there would be enough room to zip some larger ones.

Okay, Blackjack questions for y'all.
1. When you split a pair, are you limited to one card for each of the pair? Do you have to put down addition bets on the split? Does the bet have to be equal to your original?
2. What is ment by 'doubling'? I've seen references to when you should double, but what does that do? Do you get more cards? Do you wager more money?

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