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Well we lost. :( I would have to agree with that line from Dogma. I forget exactly what it was, with luck Adam will enlighten me. Something like, "nothing is so exhausting as raining down fire and brimstone, or genocide, well except soccer." My memory's a bit broken at the moment.

The game is two 25 minute halves with a 10 minute half-time break. First half was scoreless till about 4 seconds left, then they got one in. The second half was much more active, I think they got us for about 5 more and we got them for probably 3. I didn't see the final score.

I've got a wicked headache right now. I'm feeling very sleepy. The softball game is at 6:40pm. Two more hours. I'm not sure how long the game will last. A couple hours at least I would think.

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