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Well, I found some cleats but I wear a 10/6E or a 10.5/4E. It seems that cleats only come in standard widths, which I would need a 14 to get my foot into. They didn't have any 14s and I didn't think it would be such a good idea. I guess I'll have to settle for normal sneakers.

I did find some better soccer socks, and I got a new tennis racket. The one I have is from my mother in the 70s. Techonology has changed a bit. I'm almost afraid to hit something with this racket it so light, it might break. It claims to be titanium, though I wonder how much of it is. I also picked up what I hope are some comfortable clothes to play in tomorrow. I need to try and remember shower gear as well. I expect to be stinky after soccer.

I would really like a Kerry/McCain ticket, but McCain seems very against it and I'm not sure why. Any ideas?

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