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What a Day

Well, after work I dropped off the movies we rented last week, The Last Samurai and Scary Movie 3 and picked up something for this week. I anticipate both of these are crap, but they were free. I got From Dusk Till Dawn 3 and Intolerable Cruelty.

After the stop at Blockbuster, where I discovered I'd lost my rental card and had to get a new one issued to me, I went get some groceries. Upon leaving the store and loading the groceries into the trunk I shut my keys in the trunk as well. Doh! They were not in the main trunk area, but on the edging. Part of one key was sticking out the crack and the rest were pretty well stuck. I ended up having to break in/grab the metal and bend it a bit to get my keys. *sigh*

I ended up getting home from work at 9:57. By the time I put the groceries away and got to bed it was well after 10:30. I'd wanted to get in early Tuesday so I could talke to Mike a bit. Of course, now I need to decide if I should try to find a sporting goods store thats open this early. I need to get some of them spikey shoes too.

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