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pool time

We're back in Lincoln and using the pool. Emily's parents don't have AC and it was just too darn hot to be sitting around, much less chasing Aiyre.

I've been giving Aiyre some 'flotation free' time during each pool trip and she is now excited about that time. She can't swim, but she can stand and jump in the water and then stand up having soaked herself.

I've got to work today, so Emily and Aiyre are alone. I'm going to head out relatively early. Aiyre slept till 8:30 today. She never does that on days when I'm there. I was up and out of the house before 6 so I could get more time with them during daylight.

We went down to the stream which runs next to the apartment complex and let Aiyre play in the mud. She quite likes that as well as dropping sand and rocks into the water. The water is quite swift so we have to pay close attention to her.

Star Wars is coming along. I've almost got everyone together and ready to begin the actual adventure. I've had to hurry Colleen's character along a bit to try and get her caught up while still providing her choices. I've still not heard from Adam but I will still introduce his character at the appropriate time. The group needs his fire-power and it will allow me to let him join later if he gets time.

I still need to upload some more user-pics.

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