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We went to the monteray bay aquarium yesterday. Aiyre seemed to have a bunch a fun. She liked watching the otters, fish, and birds and stuff. We've got some pictures, but I won't post them till I get some time over the weekend.

They've got a nice section on the how the seas and its creatures are being destroyed by man. HEY! All you people, Quit it!

That was your final warning.

We were looking for somewhere to take Aiyre horseback riding but it seems most places are so afraid of lawsuits and such that no-one under 8 is allowed and even then young people must ride ponies instead of horses.

The mortgage company screwed up the re-finance we did a year or so ago. We now need to re-sign all the paperwork because they left off Emily's name from some of the 'sign here' lines. *sigh* To make it more difficult we've got to get a notary public to witness/stamp/etc.

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