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Bloody Sunday

Emily and I went to see The Day after Tomorrow last night. Had some quite funny bits where the whole of the audience laughed. It was a little preachy towards the end. I do wish people cared more for the world.

I heard on the news that that one of the radical environmental groups was supposed to be staging protests, demonstations and possibly causing problem this weekend to show their support of a jailed associate. I guess this guy was convicted of setting fire to 3 SUVs at a dealership.

We are planning a BBQ today. I think we bought some brats. I'm looking forward to it. Emily and I ate at 'Fresh Choice' a chain salad bar place out on the west coast. Its quite nice and is really a fresh choice. They do have rolls, soups, muffins, breads, pizza, ice cream, puddings, and such in addition to the salad area.

This place would be great if there were the ability to order a nice steak with it. We really miss the 'Cattle Baron' restaurant in Las Cruces, NM.

I'm still not feeling to well. My stomach hurts right now and I had to work hard not to puke in the shower.

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