Lawful Evil (lawful_evil) wrote,
Lawful Evil


Not too tired this morning. The baby had some fits last night after we went to bed. She would wake up screaming and then after about 20 seconds fall back to sleep. We didn't have to do anything but try to relax and get back to sleep.

My amazon order arrived yesterday, but I've not yet watched any of the movies I ordered. Justin was kind enough to loan us season 2 of coupling which is quite funny. I've watched the first 3 episodes of it so far.

I came in this morning to find that I was supposed to have merged all of my STRs, out to a staging area for the new build, yesterday. I'm now done and it only took 90 minutes. The hard and time consuming STRs are all classified and must be merged by the build-miesters.

Raytheon announced that it would buy back 1.2 billion in debt. I'm conflicted as to whether this will cause the stock to rise or fall. It is good to not have debt and large interest payments, which I estimate at about 8 million per month. It is bad to spend all that cash, instead of attempting to grow the business, which would also increase cash, which could then be used to pay back debt.

The blocks for my wall should show up this morning. Hopefully emily can get them to put the blocks in the right place.

I took Aiyre to the mall last night. She ran around for a while. I did manage to make an appointment to have her picture taken with her grandparents while they are out here. I got the info on a widescreen TV I want. It actually fits(sort of) in the entertainment center. It weighs 150#, so I'm not sure the stand will support it. Aiyre sat and ate her dinner without causing too much trouble for me. She seems really interested in the xmas trees at the mall in the store windows, so hopefully she will like our tree when we put it up.

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