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After reading an article on CNN about a teacher which was suspended after washing a child's mouth out with soap, I began to think about how childern are punished and what is applicable. I don't think there can be a one system for all system, except to let the parents decide.

If the school sent the parents a discipline guide and let the parents decide what the correct discipline is for each situation, in advance. ie ...

Verbal abuse of teacher : Apology and wash mouth with soap.
Verbal abuse/insult/etc of student : Apology and wash mouth with soap and 10 minutes in corner.
Threaten student/teacher : Apology, 10 minutes in corner and 2 spankings.
Fighting : 3 Spankings.
Being disruptive in class : Wash mouth with soap and 10 minutes in corner

etc. This way each parent can discipline their child in their own way and the school need not worry about lawsuits, suspending teachers, etc.

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