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Four Thumbs Down

Well, I rented Starship Troopers 2, Hero of the Federation and Frost: Portrait of a Vampire.

ST2 was just awful. It looked like the 'creator' just stole footage from the first movie. The only thing special about the effects was that they looked like they were created by a special ed student. There were a couple 'nice' scenes involving some actress I didn't catch the name of, but I liked the look of. Overall quite bad.

FPV managed to get Gary Busey to do it. I guess he didn't read the script or had a better imagination than the director did. The sound just screeched and gave me more of a headache. The jokes were quite bad. The effects were somewhat better than ST2. They did manage to strike the middle ground on how much blood a vampire movie should show. I'm not sure why vampires are quite so messy, but, it seems they are. I am not going to rent or watch this one again.

Most of my nausea and runny nose type of symptoms are gone now. I had a Lean Cuisine Teriaki Glazed Chicken and Brocoli meal for dinner. I was concerned about bringing it for lunch and it being so disgusting I couldn't eat it and going hungry. It turned out it wasn't too bad, though it has a strange after taste I need to wash/brush out of my mouth.

One more day of work till vacation. I'm not sure if I'll drive down on Friday night or Saturday morning. We don't have much planned, just a day trip to Monteray to see the aquarium and such. I hope Aiyre likes it. I need to remember to return the movies tomorrow on the way to work.

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