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Tue, Nov. 1st, 2011, 05:28 pm

I had 4 days I had to take off at work. Policy stated that I had to take it right away(week #1). I opted to do that. The task manager asked me to delay some of it to week #2 as we had a milestone at the end of week #2. I didn't understand that he was serious. He was asking me to violate company policy and it was a ridiculous request anyway. What did it matter if I took the days first or in the following week? Regardless, it meant 6 working days until the deadline and 4 days off.

Apparently he was serious and mad that I didn't do it and worried we would miss the deadline as a result of my not doing what he wanted. I did make the deadline, finished a day ahead of schedule and took the days off according to policy and when I wanted them. Well, my line manager found out and chewed me out today and now I've got to email them, with a couple days notice, before I take off any more time. WTF? Do managers not understand basic math? 5-4+5 = 6 and so does 5-2+5-2. Better yet my way kept me off the list of people abusing the time off policy which goes weekly to upper management.