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Wed, Oct. 20th, 2010, 08:43 am

So... someone post this video:

I responded with :
Fricking hilarious. What a load of propaganda and falsehoods. Did it surprise anyone that the evangelist author disabled comments? It wasn't much of a surprise that such a 'well made' video managed to misspell 'incease'.

You should probably watch the BBC correction/fact checking of the video :

There were also various news desk bits on the video which pretty much debunked them. See google for more examples.

Basically... it comes down to :
1. We have freedom of religion here(USA) and we'd like others to have that as well.
2. Lots of the 'facts' were corrected in the BBC video, but the alarmists and anti-islamists still probably think its too much.
3. Birth rates naturally decline as economic prosperity increase, so as muslims enter developed societies, their birth rates will decrease.
4. In western style societies nearly half of all children don't have the same religion as their parents(according to NPR).
5. Separation of church and state and the prohibition of cruel/unusual punishments should keep public stonings to a minimum.
6. We've been overpopulating the world as is. Decreased birth rates are generally good. Hopefully the muslims will catch on soon and cut back on their births as well.

Regardless... what would you do about it? Have more kids in a race to turn 'them' into a minority, destroying the planet in the process? Start a religious war/kill them all? Seems like the only reasonable thing you could do is encourage the moderates who blend well into western democracy and discourage the extremists.

I work with lots of muslims. Most you can't tell and it certainly doesn't impact their contributions to national defense and society at large.