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At site we found many many bugs which could easily have been found by a more robust unit-testing and / or code inspection process. These fustrate us, mostly because once we find them at site it is much more difficult to fix them than if they had been found in UT or during an inspection.

We just heard about a new component coming into the system and that management has said that unit testing will be completed on Wednesday. Period.

Now I understand that you can get some 'anal' people, particularly in engineering and software. Some people would continue to test forever, never convinced it was quite right. These people need a deadline to work with.

I hope that this Wednesday deadline is an incarnation of that deadline and not an effort by management to meet an early milestone in the schedule at the cost of missing a later milestone. This would also violate Raytheon policy. It would also violate the software development process and possibly cost Raytheon future contracts. Who would pay so much for poorly tested software?

Okay, it works for Microsoft. It would not work for Raytheon. More and more I want to get away from this project before it 'stains' my reputation.

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