Lawful Evil (lawful_evil) wrote,
Lawful Evil

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iPod Woes

New computer came yesterday. I've got it setup and thanks to our book, all my stuff(I hope) transferred. I've installed iTunes and am trying to transfer my library from Emily's computer to mine. *sigh* I have this feeling I'm loosing all my stuff and I'll have to rerip them all again.

Work has been a real drain. I'm implementing and testing a requirement change. It was projected to be 40+ hours, but yet every day I get asked where I'm at and what is holding me up from doing the testing which can't start until after the change is implemented. Of course, I'm not even working on it full time so it is taking even longer than expected. I worked on it last weekend and put in OT this week so that I'd have more time on that task.

I'll be really lucky if I finish tomorrow, but more likely, it'll be Tuesday next week.
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