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So... last night we had a power surge of some kind. My computer was running off batteries at the time but we were both working on stuff over the cable modem. Emily's computer stopped responding to the internet. Seems like her network card(integrated onto the motherboard) was fried.

We dug out an old net card from her previous computer and got that installed. A that point we started getting intermittent data. We could ping some websites but had 50-75% packet loss. I switch ports/jacks on the router so she was plugged into a different slot and that got her back up and running. Seems like maybe the surge was on the cable line instead of on the power line.

We may have to get a surge protector for the cable line.

I thought I was going to have to buy two new computers. Mine was fine but I've been contemplating replacing it(it originally came with Windows 98.. so.. its 10-11 years old). But... everything is fine.. although I still will need a new computer at some point.

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