Lawful Evil (lawful_evil) wrote,
Lawful Evil

Back to work

Well, I'm back and its monday. I do love getting paid on days when I'm not doing any work. I hit the social security deduction limit this year, so my next pay check should be about $200 more than normal.

We are watching Steve and Linda's 3 month old for this week. Today is day 2, it's been hell so far. Aiyre really doesn't like having limited access to mommy. So far she hasn't attempted to take it out on the baby, but I suspect that soon, she will. She has started hitting people when she doesn't get her way. We've started shutting her in her room for 5-10 minutes when she hits us. This really upsets her, so, with any luck she'll learn her lesson soon.

With any luck my movies will arrive from Amazon today. I got XMen II, T3 and the James Bond collection. Justin loaned us Coupling Season 2 from the BBC. The first episode is quite funny. I managed to watch it last night while feeding and burping the baby.

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