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More talk about an auto bailout. Come on. Saving them for a couple months isn't going to cut it. You need to change the playing field to make things even/fair. Remove the unions. Cut salaries(especially at the top). Sell cars people want(reduce selection). Improve efficiency. Reduce benefit package dramatically. Most importantly... eliminate the income tax on people and businesses. Institute a national sales tax(which covers EVERYTHING including imported vehicles). That will reduce the cost of producing a US car dramatically while increasing the cost of a foreign made vehicle. If a Camry suddenly cost 8,000 more and a Taurus costs somewhat less(tax thing evens out, but we did make some other cost reduction efforts), the US vehicles will be more appealing.

All the dang entrenched special interests and their tax breaks and accountants and tax lawyers won't let the tax part of this happen. Too many people need taxes to be complicated for them to make a living.

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