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John Fitzpatrick had a gathering at his home yesterday evening. He grillled up some brats, hotdogs, and chicken. In addition there were various salads(fruit, vegetable, and potato). It was quite nice. Probably 20 people showed up from work. The brats were delicious but ran out quick, the chicken was tender and tasty(it was marinated in something). I personally would have cooked the chicken a bit longer, it was, in my opinion on the edge of being under-cooked/uncooked. Over all, a good night.

I came home about 9 and played stronghold crusader for a bit, then read Rainbow Six for 5-10 minutes and off to bed. Only like 36 hours till Emily and Aiyre get here. Fitz's daughter Lauren is a week older than Aiyre. Watching her last night just rubs in how far behind Aiyre is. I didn't realize the complex thoughts and such a 3 year old could have.

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