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I may need a new user pic for the next couple years...

I was surprised by the 38% for McCain in Massachusetts. Sure, I supported him back in 2000... but still... where are all these people who support McCain? I really only know of 1. Of course, working at Raytheon, I'd expect there to be lots of Republicans... but we aren't supposed to talk politics in the office and except for the woman next to me(who is for Obama), no one does.

I, well, I feel bad. I mean.. that many people didn't get their voices heard. I guess it seems to me that we should really all be behind the president. Seems like nearly have of the country didn't get their way and are now left to suffer for the next 4 years. This is a feeling I am very familiar with.. and well, I guess, I don't feel good that others now have to go through the same thing.

I suppose I should just look at it from the 3 year olds point of view... at least I got my way.

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