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I spent quite a lot of time with my family over this memorial day weekend.

My wife and daughter left at like 2ish today. I still cry a bit every time they leave. I really miss them and am looking forward to a time when I can be with them full time.

The pool at the apartment complex is closed on mondays. I went and spoke to the management about that decision. If you are going to pick a day to clean the pool, pick Tuesday, as Monday is often a holiday, as it was this week. My daughter was quite upset about my getting her all ready for the pool, walking over there, and then turning around to bring her back without swimming. She was in tears. We drove out to 'camp far west reservoir' and spent an hour or so at the beach instead.

As we were leaving for the beach, the city did a memorial day ceremony in the cemetary across the street from our apartment, which included the discharging of firearms. I recognized the sound as a discharge, and had it not come from the cemetary I probably would have reacted differently. My wife just noted the bang and that it scared the birds.

Most of the rest of the weekend we spent at the pool/park/mall in an effort to keep Aiyre happy. Dispite our efforts she was quite bored a lot and reduced to lying on the floor and moaning, we assume in self pity.

Emily and I talked about memorial day some and we discovered that we don't actually no anyone who has died in a war. We can find specific examples across the street in the cemetary, but we didn't know any of them. She was surprised to find so many because she thought that ex-military people could be buried in Arlington for free. I thought you had to actually die in the service or win some type of award to be buried there. Anyone know?

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