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Fri, Oct. 24th, 2008, 05:53 am
Stupid People

Reading Newsweek... there is a quote from some Reverend... Suggesting people pray to their god that McCain is elected because .. those other people are for sure praying to their god to get Obama elected.

1. Obama is a Christian... wouldn't that be our god?
2. Isn't it pretty widely accepted that the god of the jews, catholics, muslims is all the same god?

I'm beginning to really think that America deserves McCain. Stupid is a stupid does... as Gump would say. I just wish there was a country for me and those with similar views to go to. What would happen if we all left? Republicans would win everything and the religious zealots would probably start another world-wide crusade to eliminate the heathens.

Fri, Oct. 24th, 2008 11:11 am (UTC)

All religions trace back to the same roots, your God is my God and we just call him/her different names. It does irk me though, The Koran does have text that suggests that killing the infidel is the path to heaven. The genocide that killed millions of my ancestors in Armenia is proof of that. That religion is flawed. But who cares is Obama practiced a certain religion? does that affect how he will run the country? Who knows. Some people think so. I'm not basing my vote on that.

60% or voters, perhaps more, list the economy as the number one issue that they are concerned about. I am one of the minority that believes the economy is naturally correcting itself, no problems here! And I believe we needed a deflating in the global market. But - not everyone stalks the business reports like I do and most people watch TV and buy into the panic. Which is why Obama is ahead in the polls, he is seen as better with economy for some reason. In reality - they both suck on economy. But its all about perception. I'm not basing my vote on that either.

I'm basing my vote on who would be the stronger candidate, more presidential, in the event of a crisis. Joe Biden said the world will be testing Obama in the first 6mo of office. I work in a major US coastal city, and I'm really not down with an attack on the states again. If someone wants to test Obama, its on our soil and I don't think he can handle that challenge. I feel a lot safer with a war vet.

Edited at 2008-10-24 11:11 am (UTC)

Sat, Oct. 25th, 2008 02:10 am (UTC)

Well, that is not true. My god is not your god. Much as I've tried, I can't seem to have a religious experience, thus I left to conclude that people are just faking religion to 'fit in' or that they are delusional.

I have a copy of the Koran right here and would love to find the passage your make reference to. I have not been able to. The Koran, like all religious texts, is very obscure requiring divine wisdom or something puzzle out.

I also think this is normal correction and would have preferred the government stay out of it. Hundreds of local lending banks, which hold onto mortgages and such, have had no trouble. Only those whose business model is built on profit over relationship have had trouble. Let them fail. We don't want them.

It isn't clear to me why Obama is better financially. I don't like him for his financial savy. I like him because he doesn't want to push his religious views on me(which I believe are Christian). I dislike, to put it mildly, McCain/Palins views on the environment and energy.

Anyone can respond to a threat, millions of years of evolution have programmed humans to deal with it. I want someone who will eliminate the threat through world engagement and peace. None of this peace through superior firepower crap, Peace through PEACE. For all the religion our leader claim to have why can any of them Follow Christ's example. They are always caught up in American Pride. Pride isn't a virtue... Be humble. Be thankful. Be respectful.