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Fri, Oct. 3rd, 2008, 04:07 pm
Bail Bondsmen

Bailout here we come... stupid congress. 900 billion.. squandered and spread around to bribe all the big donors back home just before election day. I'm sure that tax credit to help the makers of children's toy wooden arrows will really jump start the economy.

To make matters worse, I got stuck a trio of morons talking on their cellphones and driving along not paying attention. They, of course, were causing traffic backups by putting along at 55 in the wrong lane and everyone had to weave and dodge to get by. *grrr* I thought they were going to pass a law to restrict these morons from talking and driving.

Sun, Oct. 5th, 2008 04:20 pm (UTC)

Hey, we finally agree on something; actually two something's. The bailout, which is just a scam and payoff and in the long term will actually do more bad than good (allowing these company's to flourish) and congress (doesn't deserve Capitalization) actually voted to do more bad than good (as usual), and cell phones while driving. I'm sure that somebody can come up with something that will disable the ignition, stall the vehicle, or introduce a spark to the gas tank whenever anybody is speaking on a cell phone while the vehicle is moving (or at least moving slower that the posted speed limit). Cell phones have GPS and speed limits/routes are in a database, easy stuff. On the internet you can purchase a battery operated device that you can carry on-person and use in places such as a restaurant that will basically act as a localized jammer for a range of about 25 feet around you and will jam (cause to interfere, calls will not go thru either way and calls in progress will disconnect). Now a car has more power available than an on-body power source so these devices should be capable (when modified, I will investigate) to give maybe a 200 to 300 yard radius of disruption which will provide some protection on the roadways (much like it would in a restaurant). Name with-held due to Patriot Act (ps. I use IP address scrambling, just try to find me!).