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Well, my car will reach 40,000 miles tomorrow on the way to work. I think the drive here is a bit longer than it is in Massachusetts. I am getting much better mileage though. I just refilled the tank this morning, putting in 9.8 gallons after having gone 503 miles. I still had a number of bars left on the fuel gauge. I'm beginning to think the fuel gauge is out of whack. I really need to look up how many gallons the car takes.

I got my 'personalysis' results from the personalysis corporation last night. It basically told me what I already knew. Maybe it is supposed to be a warning to others?

This is the text of the analysis :

Rational :
Kyle likes roles that call for a practical, analytical mind. In approach, is straightforward and resourceful. When managing, directs others to be sure standards are met. Gets things done by focusing on goals, developing fresh ideas, and applying them.

Socialized :
Kyle expects management and others to be direct and provide a systematic approach. They ought to outline requirements and permit questions. Will perform will and be persistant, if approached right. To overcome problems, analyzes the difficulty and makes needed changes.

Instinctive :
Kyle has a need to become informed and take action. Motivated to gather information and get something done. In makeing decision, relies on personal experience and consults to clarify ideas. Is more individualistic, instensem and innovative under pressure.

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