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So... I thought the thing with my 2004 taxes was finally at an end. H&R had agreed to put in the claim for "piece of mind" and pay me back the 750 bucks.

I get a letter today... claim rejected. Two reasons.

1. The claim doesn't apply to amended returns.
2. Coverage expired 3 years after tax filing date.

Like WTF? The claim they messed up was the original claim(they also messed up the amended return). It is past that deadline NOW, but I don't get to decide when the claim is filed. I wanted them to fix my return back in February of 2007(less than 2 years after the tax due date). I would have been happy if they'd just filed the claim at that moment(I brought my POM insurance policy with me to the meeting for just that reason). They, however, said they needed to try to fix it.

I'd like to not be angry about this, but I'm having trouble. I mean, I owed those taxes, right? I did, however, opt to pay H&R 50 bucks to take care of things. I was the one on the phone with the CA tax board for hours and hours trying to get it fixed(not them). What the heck did I pay for?

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