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Stupid People

The flood waters pour in over the top of the levees in New Orleans. Again. Building near the coast is stupid. Building below sea-level is really stupid.

We need to put in iron clad reforms to our disaster response system. A given county should only be allowed to declare a disaster once every 100 years. If 'disasters' occur more often then that, they are not disasters, they are EXPECTED.

You live in New Orleans... you have to expect to have the first couple floors of your building flooded every couple years. You have to expect to take huge amounts of wind/rain damage on the upper floors. When you design and build for that area, you need to build using styles and techniques and materials which will not be damaged when hurricanes happen.

Just like building on/near a fault line, the buildings have special requirements so they can survive the quakes. Same sort of thing should apply for coastal zones.

The government is acting as a low cost insurance program for these morons. I'm sick of paying higher rates(taxes) to help cover their stupid behavior. Charge them.

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