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I'm not sure how excited I am about either candidate. Neither is even close to ideal. I really used to like McCain for his attitude and desire to fix things. Of course, he has become disrespectful and totally changed his rhetoric and I've really grown to dislike the candidate he grew into. The initial feedback I got on Palin was good, it put her as a younger sexier McCain.

Of course, now that a couple hours have gone by, I've heard her oil company relations, feelings on drilling(ANWR and other places), feelings about climate change, endangered species, etc. I don't care for that part of her at all.

My feelings on Obama are less firm. I don't think the federal government should be involved in health care(except to regulate it from an interstate commerce point of view). If states want to put in programs(like MA did) I'm all for it. The guy is a good speaker. I liked Biden's speeches, well, the parts I heard anyway. I'd like to end the war.

I'd like to get earmarks and such out of the budget. I'd like to cut defense spending. I'd like to cancel medicare, social security, etc(not the domain of the federal government... move to the states, if they want).

I'd like to stop taxing income and start taxing expenditures(sales tax or 'fair' tax or something similar)... not sure if any candidate supports that.

I'd like to deal with other countries from a more WWJD sort of view. Just because we don't like get along with a country and don't expect them to change isn't a reason not to talk to them. Even Moses went to ask Pharaoh to "let my people go".

Anyway... It really comes down to what I weight more heavily... as to which candidate fits best. I think half my views are either extreme left or extreme right. Not sure I have any middle-of-the-road views.

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