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H&R Block finally straightened out my 2004 California tax return and admitted they screwed it up. I purchased their 'piece of mind' insurance policy(for $26). As a result they are sending me a check to cover the $750 error they made on the taxes.

Better late than never. Better yet, if they stood by their product without making you purchase insurance. The error wasn't anything related to me or failure to disclose information. They just filled out the form wrong.

I do my own taxes normally, but the CA partial year/out of state was too much. I tried to fill it out myself, but I couldn't figure out how not to get totally screwed in the process. Anyway.. .I won't use them again any time soon. I was dismayed about getting hit with the AMT last year. I might try out one of them turbo-tax programs next year to see if they can help me bypass the AMT.

Of course Emily still needs to head over to their offices to pick up the tax package from them.
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