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Lots of rain recently... More for today. I really need to get up and clean out the gutters on the second floor. They won't drain and they just overflow. I've got some 'goo' that was supposed to be put between the gutter and the house to prevent water from bypassing the gutters and dripping. I did the gutters on the first floor, but the second floor is more involved.

Lots of the computers here at work are down this morning and the ones that are up are still kinda hosed. The clearcase servers are down so we can't see the code or really do much detailed work. *sigh*

That isn't going to help us make our end of the Fiscal month numbers. Of course, I'm taking off work tomorrow to visit the dentist and such, so I won't contribute much. Still, I told them I'd take off a week in July and I've only taken 3 days so far.

Aiyre's birthday is the 30th. My plan is to take her bowling. The local joint on Route 9 servers pizza and stuff, so it should work out well. Evan liked it last time. This time we'll have Emily's parents and maybe my parents to help out with him. He kept trying to run down the lane and such.

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