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Sat, Jul. 19th, 2008, 03:39 pm
Freaking Flying Rats!

So... we are at the beach(yesterday). Having fun and about noonish, Emily walks over and buys the group food. She comes back with three cheeseburgers, fries, and a salad. Great, I start into my burger and 2-3 bites in, I'm holding Evan and talking to Emily's dad. A freaking seagulls whoops down and takes the cheeseburger out of my hand(and part of my finger too).

The birds lands a meter or two away and a swarm of other birds it attacking the cheeseburger within a second. Three seconds later.. poof. Its gone and the birds disperse(when I run over flailing like a mad man).

I stop the bleeding(it turned out to be a small cut just above my fingernail), but lost my sandwich. We had to constantly bug Aiyre to hold her sandwich close in and not nonchalantly(like I did). While everyone else finished eating nearly a dozen birds lingered 2 meters out, ready to swoop in and snatch anything we might not want.

I watched the TNT remake of Salem's Lot again last night. Pretty good. Perhaps better than the previous movie, but still not quite as good as the book.