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I really need a new Evan picture... seeing as he's almost 3 now and this shot is from when he was one...

Anyway... my mom picked up Aiyre and took her for the holiday weekend. Aiyre has no school on Monday either, so they can come home then.

With the rain yesterday night we assumed the Worcester fireworks had a rain delay, but alas they didn't. I was just headed to bed when I started hearing the booms which continued for the next half hour(and kept we awake that long).

We've been rocking with our Wii Guitar Hero and picked up the Aerosmith version yesterday, which is a bit easier for those of us without coordination. I walked over the Gamestop across from work with the Wii fanatic on the project, who bought the Wii Fit add-on. It has exercise programs, a virtual personal trainer, bmi auto-calculations, yoga instruction, etc. I grabbed a promotional DVD showing all the cool features to try and sell it to you. Which, because its pretty universally sold out, hasn't been a problem.

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