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Why the talk about high gas prices? Sure 2 bucks a gallon seems high. In England the price is usually 3 times the us average, so about 6 dollars a gallon.

How much do people pay per year? There was a nice web site I found that showed fuel operating costs by vehicle. Most were in the 800 to 1600 dollar range. Gas at 2 dollars vs gas at 1.75 is only a 12 percent increase or about 200 dollars a year.

Are peoples budgets really that tight? Most can make up the cost by not going to lunch/watching movies/etc. Cut out that 4 dollar starbucks coffee everyday, thats a savings of 1000 dollars a year.

I'm not suggesting we should like to give money to oil companies. I would prefer to give nothing to oil companies. With luck, oil companies will go extinct within my lifetime. They were predicting/stating on CNN that there was less than 40 years of know oil reserves in the world. They said the same thing in 1989(40 years), obviously they found more. We know this can not happen forever.

Well, enough of that.. Emily and Aiyre will be here soon(having driven). Anyone know which oil companies are US owned? Are any of them? I supposed I should direct some of my money back into the US.

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