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Dang telemarketers. We have a law in this state which prohibits telemarketing. They publish the list of numbers not to call. Why would you spend your money calling people who explicited stated they don't want the calls, especially with a $5000 fine per call.

But.. they do anyway. I get this call. Automated(which is illegal), which states this is my final notice and my last chance this year to get lower rates on my 'account'. Actually.. being debt free, all my account generate interest.. so I'm not sure why I'd want lower rates.

Anyway, you press 1 to speak to a representative... the call is transferred. They ask who I am. I ask why they called if they don't know who I am. I ask who I am speaking to. They hang up.

We continue to get telemarketing calls.. probably at least 2-3 per week, but we've yet to get enough information out of them to file a formal complaint with the attorney general. These people need to really crack down on this. Why bother having the law if they can't or won't enforce it.

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