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How do I feel about this.. I personally think that it is ending life. I also think life is just a chemical process and there isn't anything special about it.

I would be deeply hurt and offended if someone aborted a child of mine. I would seek to press charges against them.

Do I think it should be illegal to abort a child... dunno. Do I think it should ever happen... No.

If a child isn't wanted... If it is given up for adoption, that costs society, but is better for the child than being "raised" by parents who resent you and don't want/love you. Society does not have the resources to take care of all the childern who are currently aborted.

There is also the suffering that is placed on the mother if she is forced to carry a child to term. It is a great burden, a great pain, and a great cost(hospital/prenatal care/etc). If the right to abort the child was taken away, the mother should be compensated for the pain we are now forcing her to go through. How much? I would expect it to be in excess of $100,000. Can we afford as a society to pay that?

I don't know what the statistics are on abortions per year. I don't know what my proposal would cost to implement. I expect it would be huge. It would also lead to people getting pregnant, who thing the compensation exceeds the pain, and are in it for the money.

Very complicated.

I would suggest leaving things as they are.

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