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This continued talk about the gas tax thing really bugs me. Clinton is playing it up like saving 18 cents is going to save families. Come on. I only use 6-7 gallons per week. I expect that 'normal' people maybe used twice that. So... 15 gallons times 18 cents... Wow.. $2.70 per week... now I can buy half a gallon of milk. Over the course of the whole summer, you'd save like.. $27. Wow. I'm totally changing my vote. Not.

Come on people, get a clue. Gas prices have been rising all my life. I think price have actually be rising slower than everything else in the economy. Finally they are starting to catch up and everyone freaks out. Get a grip. Make better decisions. Yes, prices are high. Adjust your lifestyle. If you want to drive where and when and how much you want, you've got to prioritize. Cancel your cable. Ditch your cell phones. Take a part time job. Cancel your lawn service. Car pool. Lower/raise your thermostat(depending on where you live).

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