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I took today off work to have my Prius serviced. 20k miles(or so).

Evan had his play group thing, as provided by the county, this morning. I walked there. It took me 67 minutes to get there. Emily drove with Evan, and the odometer reported it to be 3.4 miles. It made my feet hurt and got me pretty hot and sweaty. That doesn't bode well for the Walk For Hunger.

Speaking of which... anyone who wants to pledge for Aiyre and/or me, let me know so I can list you on the form. Last year we only made it 5 out of the 20 miles. I was hopeful we could make it 10 this year, but given my performance this morning, I'm more doubtful. Last year we stopped because I couldn't get Aiyre to leave the reservoir at mile 5. The route goes right by that again so...

At least this year I know that I don't have to go all the way back into Boston to get the green line out to where we park at Riverside.

Anyway... I took a garbage bag down the road following the route we normally walk with the kids and picked up a bag of garbage. Filled up pretty quick. I'll have to make 2 or 3 more trips in order to get the route mostly clean.

The one house at 8 Ashley is a total dump. They just pile their trash in their sideyard where the animals and their dogs dig through it. It then blows around through their broken picket fence and down the street. They seem to just toss stuff aside as well instead of picking it up and disposing of it so there are lots of plastic cups, beer can, bottles, and such just all over the place.

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