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Sun, Apr. 20th, 2008, 07:04 am

Mom came out to visit on Saturday. I had taken the kids on a walk up to the park that morning, so we pretty much went right to lunch. When mom left, she took Aiyre back to Schenectady with her. So, we've got just one kid for a couple days.

Mom called when they got to Schenectady. Aiyre was a bit of a pain on the road. She pretty much flipped out when mom stopped to go potty and didn't buy Aiyre a cheeseburger. Aiyre cried for 20 minute or so and then started getting in moms face every couple minutes and said, 'cheeseburger'.

The road to mom's house is kind of tricky. There are 3+ rest areas in the first 70 miles and none in the last 80 miles. Mom stopped at the last of the rest areas, so when Aiyre flipped out there was no way to appease her.