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Well, we've been having some leadership shakeups on our program(CJR). Turns out we are something like 5000 man-hours behind schedule. Our CPI seems to be about 1.0, which I think indicates we are simply understaffed. They wish to close the schedule gap by having us work harder/longer and asking us to be 'professional' about our tasks. 'Do whatever it takes to get them done on time'. These sorts of statements indicate to me that we are not simply understaffed, but are working too slowly.

I'm not really sure if a CPI of 1.0 means that our costs equal our budgeted cost or if our costs are correct for the amount of work we accomplished.

In any case, I'll probably go into work on Sunday morning to get some of my OT done for the week so I don't have to say as late. I got home so late all this week that I haven't seen Evan in several days(he wakes up after I leave and goes to bed before I get home).

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