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Well, we've just about got C3 licked. Onto C9. This is worse than C3. It needs like 2000+ measurements to function correctly. The measurements are processed and save on the SPE. It will save them all till the operator presses a button to force the SPE to process them. Great so far. The button is on the gui. The gui decides if the data is there by looking at the measurements on the track. You guessed it, the measurements don't get to the track. So... even once the measurements are collected the software looks at the history of measurements on the track and says.. nope no measurements here. We missed it again. Damn.

Emily and I have been playing a lot of Freelancer. She says she likes it cause its very similar to tie fighter(which I never got anywhere with cause it sucked). I like it cause its a lot like privateer. The box claims you can be a pirate or smuggler or hero or .. I can't see how you'd ever survive like that. If you were a pirate you'd have nowhere to land your ship cause all the docking stations are run by the good guys. I guess you could, it would just suck.

I'm planning on working the day shift tomorrow so I can leave to meet the family when they arrive. I hope to take Saturday off and work sunday afternoon once Emily and Aiyre leave again.

My savings bonds got all screwed up cause our mail is being forwarded. They don't forward and they don't just deliver them, so they keep getting returned to the issuing company. I don't want them to have the wrong address, so I can't get them sent here. For now they are holding them and I have to call when I get back to have them send them again. I was thinking about just cancelling the order. I'm not sure I want to help dubya finance his crazy schemes.

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