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Emily and Aiyre left this afternoon in an attempt to beat the rush hour traffic in both Sacramento and San Jose. I'm not sure if it worked because they called to let me know they arrive safe at 5:30.

Work was a drag today. There was a big security mess. I closed the lab last night and called the security office to activate the alarm. When they arrived this morning, the alarm was not active. They had to do a big inventory of all the equipment, etc. I'm sure I called and activated it, but there isn't sufficient tracking on their end to allow me to prove it. They don't keep detailed call logs or record phone calls or tape the cameras.

If you recall, this happened to me before. Last time I remembered enough of the conversation to proof the guard screwed up. This time, because I left at like midnight, I don't remember as much. About all I remembered was that the guards name started with an A and that they didn't ask for a matrix cross-reference code. I was quite glad about the code because I had a soda in one hand, the phone in the other and having only two hands was struggling to get the matrix code sheet out and look at it.

They are still investigating. I'm not sure what could happen if they decide I was at fault. I'm feeling a little uneasy. Last time we managed to resolve it in one day and I was feeling confident about it. Today.... not so confident.

They may be learning from their mistakes though. When I called tonight to close up, the guard asked me to spell my name for her, but not until after she had secured the room for me. She seems like she was typing it into something. I'm not sure why she needed me to spell it seeing as she has the access list and had to verify I was on it.

We rented "Kill Bill: volume 1" and "Goldmember" over the weekend. We suffered through bill already. I thought it was quite funny. Emily wasn't so sure. Emily kept saying that this guy had a strange fascination with the 70's. I'm left to watch member on my own.

The StarWars game I'm doing is off to a slow start. We are still dealing with the introductions of the characters and the forming of the group. We're in that bit in the movie where you see leia get captured and luke off buying droids and han looking for work in a bar.

Wish me luck.

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