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Passed the 18000 mile mark this morning while driving the Pike, about 3 miles west of 495. So far, so good.

There is one annoying intersection on the way to work. Right by Framingham State, where Edgell passes over Route 9. There are three lanes. Left(but you end up taking another left on the bridge and reversing direction). Left(north on edgell/nobscott) or Straight(down to route 9). Right(south on edgell/nobscot) towards downtown Framingham.

Cars always pile into the Left only lane and then force their way into the Left/Straight flow so they can go north on Edgell/Nobscott. The essentially go straight in a left only lane, usually to the sound of horns. Today on the way to work, I saw a Framingham Police officer do it. Nothing like setting a good example. Bastard.

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