Lawful Evil (lawful_evil) wrote,
Lawful Evil

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Sicky Weekend

Still sick. The in-laws are flying in tomorrow. I guess they won't really get here till Tuesday, so I can work a full day tomorrow. Still not really sure what the plans are, so I'm not sure if I should be staying home or working a lot.

They seem to want to find somewhere they can stay while in town that they don't have to pay for. They're suggesting helping us get a bigger place so they'd have a room to stay in. Moving is such a hassle. I don't really want to overextend myself right now. I'm trying to get on track for an early retirement and dropping a couple years pay so we can have a bigger house that costs more to maintain doesn't seem to help that.

That and the constant rumors about our plant closing, makes it difficult to pick a location to move to because you won't really know what the commute will be like. Could end up short, could be really really bad. If it was bad, I'd end up having to move again, which just adds more hassle to it. Also, if we moved closer to where I think work is, it'd be farther from mom's house, so she'd visit less.

If only I'd win the lottery. Its up to like 200 million or something. That'd really help.

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