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Sun, Feb. 10th, 2008, 06:44 pm

What a day... snow... rain... sunshine... rain... sunshine... snow... sunshine... snow... rain... snow. We had almost 2cm of wet heavy snow on the driveway this morning for me to shovel. Not much of the rest of the day's precipitation stuck, but a little did here and there.

One more week before school vacation. Emily's parents are coming out for a couple days... maybe Monday to Friday. I'll probably take a little time off during the week for group activities.... not exactly sure when or how much. I've only got a couple hours built up from last week, but I've I got a big backlog of work from last week, so I'll probably have to stay a little late this week too.

I finally finished the MA taxes, well mostly. I've got the forms figured out, but I've got to write in all the numbers in pen and double check everything. Just over 800 bucks. Plus nearly 5K from the feds. Plus that 1800 stimulus thing. Plus a 4K bonus. Plus, maybe I'll finally get my $700+ refund from CA from 2004 soon(we're still trying to figure out exactly what to send them to get the refund processed). Boy, the bank'll be happy with me soon.