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Finish my Federal return. Ready to be mailed out. What a mess. Everything starts to get so much more complicated once you earn a decent living. Pub 972, Schedule B, Schedule D, Form 6251, Schedule D-1, Form 8910, etc. A bunch of those forms are new for me this year, hopefully I did them right.

Anyone got a simpler return to do? I can help.

Page 84 of the instructions... Time burden(per person)...Average Time Burden 26.4 hours. Thats over three 'business' days per person. Talk about the need for Tax reform. Its this kind of crap that really makes me want to vote for Huckabee and the Fair Tax. If we could just get someone who wasn't a religious nut job to hook onto it, they'd get my vote for sure.

We've still got the MA form to do. At least our proof of insurance came in the mail.

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