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Fri, Jan. 25th, 2008, 03:30 pm

I'm not sure I like where this stimulus package is going...


What'd really to the most good is if people had to spend it on US goods. Maybe by using 'gift cards' marked so retailers would only use them for US made goods, or maybe by allowing people to submit receipts for purchases of US made goods and get reimbursed.

Taking the money and spending it on Chinese made goods it just going to help their economy. Sure, our retails and shippers take a small slice, but the majority would just flow overseas.

It won't be till the summer, if checks ever go out anyways, so maybe people should by locally grown food instead. That would really help.

Post New Years Weight Loss Progress... At 220# from 226#(on Jan 4th). It would be going faster if I'd stop cheating.