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That damn Bill

First he agrees to fix the STR. Okay fine. He implements it in conjuction with another STR. Grrr.. Now I need to pull in the STR too. I ask if he can make a version which just implements the fix as described. Sure.. get to it right away. I can't see the fix.. Turns out the vobs are not synching and it not his fault. I get the fix, pull it in, it does not compile. Want to know the problem? ) That was it. One missing right paren. Thanks bill! I needed to implement it over here anyway because we can not edit the sudbury system.

I'm back working nights, but in addition to days. *sigh* I need to be in early to work on C3 and other stuff, but then I have to stay and work nights to get data for other things.

Of course Emily and Aiyre will be here for a 4 day weekend which I had planned on taking off. But no. Gots to work. Dave agreed to let me just work 4 hours on the days I'm taking off, from 8pm to midnight. *sigh* At least I won't burn through my PTO.

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