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Well, Emily and Aiyre are coming out on Friday again. There is no school on Monday and Aiyre does not normally have school on Tuesday so they will be staying till Tuesday night. Looking forward...

I'm losing confidence in the system... I found a bug today. When I explained it to Bruce he said they had just sold off that code as working. Its not the testers fault, completely. In the build they used it would look like it was working. What was not considered was that the code to use the values they had verified had not been implemented. Out at site we have that implementation in and it allows you to see that their calculations use an incorrect data source. Oops. I guess they'll have to re-test.

I'm feeling bloated again. I've started looking at what I was eating again. Why does a slice of bread have 90 calories? So, this is what I've eaten today :
3 slices wheat bread(90 * 3 = 270 calories)
Strawberry yogurt(180 calories)
Banana(121 calories)
Apple(110 calories)
Cup-a-soup(340 calories)
3 can diet soda(0 calories)
1/2 bag pop-secret popcorn(429 calories.. holy shit)
Planning to have broccoli for dinner(78 calories) with butter(20 calories)
Total : 1548

Thanks to for the apple and banana data.


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