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Tue, Jan. 1st, 2008, 06:55 pm

I managed to get ahold of the company which manages our medical reimbursement account yesterday(the last day before Raytheon's contract changes). I've been trying to track down 45 bucks they owe me. I found the stub(so I got the check). Someone cashed it(probably Emily), but it never showed up in the bank account. The bank can't do anything till I get them the routing information from the back of the check.

I called previously to get them to email an image of the check to me. A week or so later.. no email. I call again and turns out they didn't even put in the request. *grr* So, this time they are going to mail it to me(hopefully). It takes two weeks to get it ready to be mailed, so it'll be February before I have the information to go to the bank with. Knowing my luck, it'll be past some deadline to get it fixed by then.