Lawful Evil (lawful_evil) wrote,
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Walked to blockbuster and purchased the Pirates of the Carribean card. I didn't really want to see this movie, I guess the previews stuck my the wrong way. But given that, including tax, the card cost 31.49 or so, how could I pass. I get 7 movie rentals with the cards as well as the movie. The seven rentals would come to 31.50, so I get the movie for $-0.01 I can see paying that much for a movie I didn't want to watch.

On the way back I bought about 100 blocks for the retaining wall we are building in the back yard. I guess that will be my christmas present. Now I need to spend the time and actually install some of these blocks. At 80 pounds each, I'll be hauling 4 tons from my front yard to my back yard and then carefully placing them into the wall.

On the up side, I took the day off of work, slept in, and got to relax a little. We went to Vinny Testa's for dinner, which was nice, and the food came out perfect. Aiyre didn't make too much trouble. She seems to really like sitting by the windows overlooking the lake. We ran into one of the "teachers" from Early Intervention. We couldn't figure out where we knew her from and in the end ended up just asking her where we knew her from.

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