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Well, I was told 6-8 inches, but we didn't even get 6cm. It was wet heavy nasty stuff. Aiyre "helped" shovel.

It is coming down to the wire. Only today and tomorrow left. I'm taking Friday off(due to a dentist appointment), so it'll be a really short week. It'll be my 10 year aniversary at Raytheon, so I get 2 more days of vacation, bringing me up to 22 days.

We were up late last night watching the Bourne Ultimatum, which really gave me a headache(all the camera motion). Evan and Aiyre got up at 5:15 this morning. Bleck. Not sure what we are doing for the fireworks tonight. I may try to take Aiyre down for them at 6ish. Not sure if I want to deal with the midnight show too.

I'm planning to go into the diet mode at the start of the year. I totally bloated up over the holidays. Ick.

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